At mediation,  the parties sit down with the mediator.  The mediator facilitates the parties to reach an amicable solution. You may craft your own future with Family Mediation at Ferguson Law.  Cases can be mediated on your own with Megan alone, or you may be represented by attorneys. 

If you are interested in learning more about mediation or are ready to schedule a meeting, please complete our Intake Form or call our office at (812) 332-2113.  It is the first step toward crafting a better future.


Benefits of mediation

  • Attorneys not required, but welcome
  • Keep costs down
  • Parties are the decision makers

Why Ferguson Law mediation

  • Low cost for a half day mediation (The average price for a divorce in the U.S. is $19,200, according to Martindale-Nolo Research )
  • Mediator Megan Schueler is a certified ChildFirst professional and completed additional training for interviewing children.
  • Mediator also practices family law
“You are the decision-makers, as you will always know more about your lives than a judge can determine within a half-day or day setting in court.”
— Mediator and Attorney Megan Schueler