Our firm handles a full range of family law practice, including representation in divorces, post-dissolution custody modification, guardianships, and representation of parents when the State becomes involved in your family.  

Our firm is uniquely situated to assist in divorces wherein significant resources are at stake, as our firm also has a focus on business law. Thus, high asset or high net worth divorce, with a focus in valuation of assets, property and businesses, is a natural accompaniment to our business practice.

Our firm also pays attention to detail and has highly trained attorneys in custody matters. Our attorneys have experience in child psychology, parenting guidelines, child interviewing techniques and family law, such that your custody cases will be met with honesty, integrity, information and compassionate advocacy.


Our Family Law practice includes: 

  • Divorce and Custody
  • High Asset/High Net Worth/ComplexDivorce
  • Custody Matters Post-Divorce, includingrelocation, parenting time and visitation
  • Guardianships
  • CHINS Cases