Our firm regularly provides defense for insurance companies when their insureds get into an automobile accident, trucking accident, have someone injured on their property, or are alleged to havefailedto provide any of the following:

  • proper medical treatment
  • proper fire suppression and/or overhaul services
  • proper EMS services, or  
  • proper 911 dispatch services.

We also are hired by insurance companies to defend insured companies who  have been alleged to have wrongfully terminated or discriminated against employees, as well as insured companies who are alleged to have created a hostile work environment.  

We provide comprehensive attention and detailed review to each case, ensuring both the insurance company that hired us, as well as the insured clients are kept well-informed and advised of the process of the case.  We strive to keep everyone updated on our investigation of the case, our work in the case, as well as our strategy and thoughts in the case, in order to assist the insurance companies and insureds through the court process.

Representative, long-term clients in this area are: ANPAC, Daily Underwriters/Daily Express, Gallagher Bassett, and Glatfelters.